With over 12+ years of performance and hands-on creative experience under his belt, Kaelin is a Multi-Platinum Music Producer that has established himself among the top class of producers in the modern jazz / electronic / hip-hop beat scene.

Formerly known as Mr. Mockwell, he was originally part of an online crew, dubbed “Loaflab”, where he came in contact with fellow musicians and later collaborative-partners, Lupe Fiasco, Kaytranada, Sango and many more. Kaelin also has many production credits with other artists such as Waldo, Sango, Deffie and K-Pop supergroup "EXO", his work lead to him earning a spot in having one of the top 10 songs of the week featured on USA

Since the beginning of his musical journey, he’s managed to upkeep a discography that sonically keeps up with many of his heroes.